Document translation –English-Spanish, Spanish-English, French-Spanish, French-English- in different fields: 

  • Medical-pharmaceutical
  • Humanitarian Aid: health, nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, NGOs internal policies.
  • Social Affairs.
  • Business Management: administrative, economic, human resources, staff training, market research, marketing, sales.
  • Renewable Energies.
  • Automotive: car rental, fleet management, fleet auction.
  • Legal: contracts.
  • General.

Translation checking and proofreading


Teaching in general and specialised translation.


Online secretarial services: document transcription, checking and proofreading, presentations, others.


Other services on linguistic projects or secretarial needs. 




Samples of translations can be looked up at these links:


medical translation neurology eng-esp | medical translation rheumatoid arthritis eng-esp

financial translation 1 eng-esp | financial translation 2 eng-esp | general translation eng-esp 

legal-economic translation fra-esp | general translation fra-esp

More samples coming soon. 




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