Clients comments:


"Thank you for the document and, as always, for the quality of your work"

(Amador Gómez, Acción contra el Hambre - translation)


"I’m pleased to know you are going to translate Hunger and HIV. We are very hopeful about this report as we have worked on it from Spain”

(Alicia García, Acción contra el Hambre - translation)


“Thank you very much. Your translation was excellent; we do not need to make any changes”

(Christine Kahmann, Action against Hunger)


“Your work is not good, but excellent. You have understood it very well and I have not made any significant changes”

(Ana Lladó, Lladó Traducciones - translation)


“Thank you so much for your work, Lourdes; it has been excellent”

(Tiziana Laudato, Universidad de los Andes - translation)


"I have read lots of contracts and your translation is very good"

(Marcos García, Lanco Group - translation)


“Thank you, Lourdes, for your implication with all the translations, forms and other jobs performed since the start of Iberofleeting"

(Carlos Ruiz Lahmany, Iberofleeting - translation)






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